Lighting the way to year-round playing surfaces:     ORN   |   ODIN   |   THOR   |   SOL   |   LOKI   |   LIGHTING HOME


Lighting the way to year-round playing surfaces

Mobile lighting rigs create better year-round playing surfaces.

They provide the light that grass needs to stimulate growth, so playing surfaces naturally achieve significantly improved grass coverage.

Our lighting solutions covers sports turf from golf greens to stadium pitches.

  • Improve your turf quality, with the help of our bespoke rig deployment schedule
  • Ensure you only buy the lighting rigs you need
  • Save money on electricity bills, thanks to our bespoke deployment pattern
  • Help with your wider pitch turfgrass management strategy.
Keywords in Lighting
PAR = Photosynthetically Active Radiation
The region or wavelength of light that drives photosynthesis
PPFD = Photosynthetic Photon Flux Density
Amount of photosynthetic (PAR) photons that falls on a surface per second
DLI = Daily Light Integral
The number of PAR photons received during one day

Lighting the way to year-round playing surfaces:     ORN   |   ODIN   |   THOR   |   SOL   |   LOKI   |   LIGHTING HOME

MLR and Bernhard partnership

A trip to Stavanger, Norway, the birthplace of lighting rigs and home of MLR founder Kolbjorn Saether.

As a specialist in sports turf technology, we at Bernhard and Company are committed to providing leading turf care solutions to golf course and pitch care specialists worldwide. Our product portfolio is already focused on providing our global customer base with the highest quality turf and world class playability.

This collaboration launched in January 2018 is now uniquely placed to combine Bernhard Company’s highest standard of international customer expertise, with quality mobile lighting solutions geared to tackle shade issues on a wide range of sporting surfaces.

90px_MLR-logo.pngMLR (Mobile Lighting Rigs), a Norwegian-based company, formed in 1998, has recently undergone
a major business revamp with its key goal to ensure that sports surfaces, of all disciplines, have
excellent playing conditions all year round.