Express Dual 5000

The Express Dual 5000 is the ultimate user friendly and intuitive reel sharpening system.

Digital control with simple icon driven programme selection and intuitive operation with touch screen controls and remote handset makes the Express Dual 5000 the ultimate user-friendly spin grinder.

Grinding is totally enclosed in a safety cabinet with acoustic noise suppression for environmental control and operator comfort and records an average sound level of 76.7 decibels (dB)... quiet considering that a person singing next to you records a sound level of 75db!

  • Selectable automated grind cycles plus configurable routine
  • New direct reel drive with superfast setup
  • Manual operation mode with feed via remote handset
  • Mowers ground in-situ, no need to remove bedknives or rollers
  • Fast turnaround with unattended grind cycle completion (Greens unit: from as little as 5 minutes, Fairway unit: 15 minutes floor-to-floor)
  • Rigid, torsionally loaded box construction chassis
  • Auto traverse; lift table; storage; dust collection; vacuum system; speed loading



  • Fully enclosed, precision machine for automated spin grinding of reels in-frame up to 36" long.
  • Weight: 1828lbs (831kg)
  • Size: 126" W x 99" D x 82½" H (3200 x 2511 x 2100 mm).
  • Dimensions describe the machine envelope with guard doors open.
  • Lift Table requires an extra 24” (610mm) front to back depth when open.